The Designer

Mary from Foxy Vida

Foxy Vida is the creative vision of Mary Montane. She is most well known as a contestant on CBS Survivor. Mary studied Studio Arts at California State University, East bay in the San Francisco Bay Area. She had multiple creative occupations through her schooling including designing and selling handmade apparel. In 2010 she experienced two life changing events: She walked down the isle with her sweetheart and later, gave birth to her daughter, Giana Vida.

Upon Giana’s arrival, Mary started looking for a diaper bag that would merge high function and high style. It had to be out there. She soon realized that her two requirements meant that there would be compromises on wash ability, sturdiness, waterproof linings, and finding the textile element she craved. She did not want to compromise!

She took matters into her own hands, by creating a waterproof lined bag that was just not available in the marketplace. This bag fit the new functional needs of her life and gave her a sense of pride in that she wouldn’t have to sacrifice her chic style. And so her story evolves into the company she named Foxy Vida, after her daughters fiery spirit merged with Mary’s perpetual style. Her company would deliver the same high function and high style to moms all over the universe. Donning the laws of effortless-chic style, Foxy Vida is now selling across the US and in multiple Countries. Sales have continued to increase every quarter since it’s inception as well as caught the eye of Celebrities, and the media. These USA made bags are available to every mom that desires to have the best, for the most sacred time in her life and beyond.

All Foxy Vida products are proudly made in the USA.