Get on the List!! The Black Lattice Satchel list, that is!

Hey you Foxy Mama! Many thanks to you for waiting ever so patiently while we reload our inventory with new Black Lattice Satchels! They are getting final stitches, hardware fastened, zippers zipped and bottle pockets pouched. All in preparation for you and your little one to enjoy for many years to come.

We understand that cradles full of love and devotion go into being a Mom, and we are giving that love and devotion right back to you in a product that you can feel and experience everyday. It's truly the 'Foxy' way to be tough yet chic, functional yet soft and sleek. We make the paths of diaper changing, feeding and caring for your little one, easier, so you can focus on loving yourself, and honoring everything that you do to be the best YOU. 


We invite you to 'Pre-Order' now by going to the site and ordering your bag. This is first come, first serve! As a token of our gratitude for pre-ordering, you will receive a Free, adorable wipe case from Ubermom.  (for a photo of the case, please see this posting or the Satchel listing upon purchase.) In additional to the Case, we are dropping the purchase price to $150, for Pre-orders ONLY. You will also receive free shipping! 

Delivery Date: After 2/28 and before 3/10. We have about a week and a half delivery window, since there will be many, many wonderful Satchels and gifts to send out! 




-The Foxy Vida Team